We Since its establishment, Puris has won a good reputation in the industry by virtue of its good reputation, reliable quality, competitive performance and price , fast logistics and flexible operation mode. The company has all kinds of spot inventory in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and has established a good cooperative relationship with the original manufacturers and agents of major brands, and has become an IC distributor of many well-known brands at home and abroad. Adhering to the tenet of technology-based and market-oriented, we have accumulated rich experience in chip matching in the fields of mobile phones, tablet computers, network communications, industrial control automation and so on.We Can provide different customers with quality products and services.Through our efforts, We have become the best in the industry!

At the end of 2015, with the popularization and development of virtual reality (Virtual Reality) technology, we set up the VR Optical Division, the newly introduced Japanese original automatic injection molding machine, which can produce spherical and aspherical lenses of all kinds of materials (PMMA, COP, E48R, etc.). The dust-free workshop has the ability to assemble multi-chip (up to 8-sheet group) VR optical modules, with a monthly production capacity of more than 2KK sets so far.

We are in possession of abundant product line

We can provide matching parts for the following application

Smart Phone
MTK & Qualcomm Mainchip、LPDDR5、LPDDR4x、UFS、uMCP、eMMC、eMCP

Tablet PC
Rockchip Mainchip、DDR4、DDR3、LPDDR5、LPDDR4x、UFS、uMCP、eMMC、eMCP

Car Electronics、Medical Equipment
CPU、MCU、FPGA、Power Management Control chip, IGBT, motor drive chip, CAN bus transceiver, Remote controller RF chip

Network Communication Equipment

VR(Virtual Reality)

IDC and Cloud Computing Devices
Various kinds of Microlens customization, SSD, Memory strips, Memory particles, FPGA used in Optical communication

Optical Module
Optical lens, precision optical glass molding machine equipment

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